Detectives of the Six

Anniversary Event — — [Central Plaza] in Divinity's Reach

This year's Anniversary Event is based on the game of Clue. A beloved guildy has been killed… Instead of finding out where the murder took place, by whom and with what weapon, we want to know the evil-doer’s profession, weapon and what weapon skill was used.

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At the start of the event you will be assigned to a team. After teams have been made, the first event will start: Corpse Retrieval Race (aka follow the smell). Your objective is to find the corpse of the dead guildy.

Solve the murder mystery by completing these three events:

  1. Mathematical Conundrum (profession)
    "Counting isn't that difficult, right?"
  2. Dead Giveaway (weapon)
    "With all these grave markers, the guild hall seems to have become more of a cemetary. Maybe it contains some clues about how the murder happened...."
  3. Milady's Trek (skill)
    "I searched the whole of Kryta (no, not the hole! Although I fell into a few…), until I reached the border of Orr, but I knew he would not be there. Returned and searched from Divinity’s Reach to Rata Sum… nothing… I can't find him…".

Each of these events will be explained in more detail during the meetup.

Requirements: To participate in this event you will need access to a Springer and to Tangled Depths.


Special present for participation and additional gold to be given to the winning team.


Signups for this event are not necessary. To participate you need to be on time. The event will start on September 28 at 20:30 (CEST). If you are late, you will forfeit your place.

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