Game of Trolls

Chaos Run — — [Central Plaza] in Divinity's Reach

Quick on your feet? Not afraid of heights? Join our first-ever jumping puzzle chaos run!
Jump your way up to the chest but be careful... The trolls want to see you go down.
Winning is only half of it. Having fun is the other half.

Game of Trolls


You and your team will have to complete a series of jumping puzzles.

For each jumping puzzle you select one team member (the jumper) to complete the jumping puzzle. This jumper can not be chosen again for the following jumping puzzles, so choose wisely!

During the jumping puzzle, the rest of your team will try to disrupt the other jumpers. Troll your opponents off the edge by bringing your ill-timed speed buffs, gigantic charrs and sparkling particle effects!

  • The first jumper to complete a jumping puzzle will get 5 points. The second jumper gets 4 points, etc.
  • Your team's final score will be the sum of their points over all the jumping puzzles.
  • Trolls are not allowed to pass the red commander tag.
  • No portals are allowed.


The teams are ranked by their total number of points.
Each member of the winning team gets 5 gold. Each member of the second team gets 4 gold, etc.
The losing team will additionally get an item of choice from the guild stash.


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