Missions of the Six

Anniversary Celebration — — [Central Plaza] in Divinity's Reach

Legacy of the Six is three years old!
We invite you for an eventful evening doing that what made our Guild great: having fun together!
Together is the keyword for this anniversary event.

Three Year Anniversary

Join us for our own special LotS Guild Missions! The way the Guild plays as a whole determines its success and your spoils. On Saturday the 22nd of August at 20:30 CEST we will host the following four events:

Puzzle: Finders Keepers

Coordinated effort and teamwork are necessary when you have no waypoints.
Location: Mount Maelstrom

Challenge: Skritt, I'm Hit!


We got lots of loot but need lots of LotS to keep the loot! "Skritt! I'm hit!" is the one thing you don't want to hear...
Location: Cursed Shore

Bounty: Ebon Robot and Solemnity Elf Dame


These evil twins of two pretty familiar guildies need to be found. They can run but they can't hide!
Location: ???

Rush: Windy & Wobbly


Survive difficult conditions running as a group until you see blue in the face. Don't get blown away!
Location: Lornar's Pass


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