aMazeing Race

Chaos Run — — [Central Hollow Waypoint] in Guild Hall

We have an aMazeing challenge for you! Our arena has changed into a daring maze with traps, dead ends and other life threatening stuff. Be the smarter Maze Runner and find your way up as fast as you can! Dare to take on this challenge? Sign up! It’s free for all and a good day to die!

aMazeing Race


You will have to find your way to the top of the arena, starting from the free-for-all entrance portal. The first to arrive at the top will win. We will do two variations:

  • Normal mode: You are not allowed to attack your fellow guildies or use skills.
  • Hard mode: A free-for-all combat where everything is permitted.


First person to get to the top gets 5 gold, the second person gets 3 gold and the third person gets 1 gold. In case of a tie, rewards will be split equally.


Signups for this event have closed.

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