One hand tied behind your back

Chaos Run — — [Central Plaza] in Divinity's Reach

[LotS] challenges you for our next Chaos Event Run...
Seen it, done it, killed it all? Think this game is a piece of cake? Try this!

Fight with one hand tied behind your back!

One hand tied behind your back


You and your party need to defeat a complete Fractals level 10 run, starting with theUncategorized Fractal.

  • You are only allowed to use a single one-handed weapon in your main hand (Axe, Dagger, Mace, Pistol, Sword or Scepter) and your healing skill
  • No utility skills (unequip those that provide passive benefits)
  • No elite skill
  • No two-handed weapons
  • No off-hand weapons
  • No weapon swapping during combat
  • You are allowed to bring different (one-handed) weapons but only swap them out of combat

You should unbind your utility skills and elite skill, which can be done in the options panel (Default: [F11]).


Five gold and one item of choice from the guild stash, to each member of the first party that successfully completes this chaos run.


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