Back to the Past

Chaos Run — — [Central Hollow Waypoint] in Guild Hall

You and your fellow Rata Novus researchers accidentally got teleported to the future! After transportation you were genetically transformed to look like people from this time. On top of that all your belongings have disappeared as well.
Find your way back to the past! Survive the journey to the experimental teleporter in the Crucible of Eternity...

Last of the Rata Novans


You and your party will have to run to Crucible of Eternity and complete path 2. You start from Professor Portmatt's Lab without any armor, weapons, trinkets, amulets, rings, etc. Any drops you get along the way you can use yourself or share with your party members.

  • You have 45 minutes to get from Professor Portmatt's Lab to Crucible of Eternity
  • Do not use any merchants, the trading post, crafting or the bank
  • Do not use boosters, food, potions or other consumables
  • Do not use waypoints (unless the whole group wiped, use the nearest one)
  • Do not use exploits


Three gold and one item of choice from the guild stash to each member of the first party that successfully completes this chaos run.
One gold to each member of every other party that completes this chaos run.


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