More Exploration of the Six

Anniversary Event — — [Central Hollow Waypoint] in Guild Hall

On August 25th we celebrate our 6th Anniversary! Already 6 years old! This year we gave you the opportunity to vote which previous Anniversary Event was so much fun you want to do it again.
Exploration of the Six gained the most votes.

Our Anniversary Event starts on August 4th!

More Exploration of the Six


This event lasts for three weeks and consists of three phases. During each phase you will be given six pictures which show the beautiful scenery of Tyria, the Maguuma Jungle or Elona. The main question of this event is: What (or who) am I looking at? The character in the picture is looking at either a vista, waypoint, point of interest or NPC. If you can name what/who it is the character is looking at you have the answer! In case you have found a vista, name the nearest waypoint or point of interest, since vistas don’t have a name.

To send your answers use the provided link underneath the pictures for every phase. You can submit your answers until the deadline but can only submit each phase once.


In each phase you will be eligible for only one reward category. The amount of money you will win is based on how many of your submitted pictures are correct:

  1 correct 2 correct 3 correct 4 correct 5 correct 6 correct
Phase 1 8g 16g 24g 32g 40g 48g
Phase 2 10g 20g 30g 40g 50g 60g
Phase 3 12g 24g 36g 48g 60g 72g

Each category's price is shared among all correct entries for that category. For example this means that if there are three people who have six correct submissions during phase 2, the 60 gold reward will be shared among them and they will each receive 20 gold.

The gold you earn per phase adds up and you will receive the total amount you are eligible for during our Anniversary celebration on Saturday, 25th of August at 20:30 CEST.


Phase 1 - Easy mode


  1. Drakkar waypoint, Frostgorge Sound
  2. Ghyrtratus Fiendmauler (NPC), Plains of Ashford
  3. Rana Complex Landing waypoint, Metrica Province
  4. Rayhan Bayt (POI), Malchor's Leap
  5. Vista near Beetletun waypoint, Queensdale
  6. Coil waypoint, Timberline Falls

Phase 2 - Normal mode


  1. Mordremoth's Vantage (POI), Dragon's Stand
  2. SCAR Camp waypoint, Tangled Depths
  3. Vista near New Skrittington (POI), Auric Basin
  4. Wreck of the Thunderbreaker (POI), Verdant Brink
  5. Esa Frugal (NPC), Gilded Hollow
  6. Bloodstone's Shell (POI), Bloodstone Fen

Phase 3 - Hard mode


  1. Vista near Godfall Tower (POI), Desert Highlands
  2. Necropolis waypoint, Domain of Vabbi
  3. Temple of Atar (POI), Crystal Oasis
  4. Farmer Bunti (NPC), The Desolation
  5. Olishar's Camp waypoint, Elon Riverlands
  6. Scout Leri (NPC), Sandswept Isles

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