Exploration of the Six

Anniversary Celebration — — [Central Plaza] in Divinity's Reach

Join our Anniversary Celebration on Monday August 25th (20:30 CEST) at [Central Plaza]!

Join us in our next event, dedicated to our 2nd year anniversary! The rewards are our way of saying thank you for all the fun! So go pick up this challenge and go fetch!

Exploration of the Six


This event lasts for six weeks and consists of three phases, each has a duration of a fortnight.

During each phase you will be given six pictures which show the beautiful scenery of Tyria. The main question of this event is: What (or who) am I looking at? The character in the picture is looking at either a vista, waypoint, point of interest or NPC. If you can name what/who it is the character is looking at you have the answer!

Send your answers by ingame mail to Milady of Fire.9321 before the submission deadline of each phase. Please add your full account name including the 4 digit suffix in the mail! You can only participate once per phase. In case you have found a vista, name the nearest waypoint or point of interest, since vistas don’t have a name.


In each phase you will be eligible for only one reward category. The amount of money you will win is based on how many of your submitted pictures are correct:

  1 correct 2 correct 3 correct 4 correct 5 correct 6 correct
Phase 1 4g 8g 12g 16g 20g 24g
Phase 2 5g 10g 15g 20g 25g 30g
Phase 3 6g 12g 18g 24g 30g 36g

Each category's price is shared among all correct entries for that category. For example this means that if there are three people who have six correct submissions during phase 2, the 30 gold reward will be shared among them and they will each receive 10 gold.

The gold you earn per phase adds up and you will receive the total amount you are eligible for during our anniversary celebration on Monday 25th of August.

Phase 1 - Easy mode

Easy 1 Easy 2 Easy 3 Easy 4 Easy 5 Easy 6


  1. Vista near Twinspur Haven waypoint
  2. NPC: Sergeant Griffins
  3. NPC: Explorer Geargrind
  4. Graupel waypoint
  5. Vista near Podaga Steading waypoint & Skradden waypoint
  6. Ogduk waypoint

Phase 2 - Normal mode

Normal 1 Normal 2 Normal 3 Normal 4 Normal 5 Normal 6


  1. Firewatch Encampment waypoint
  2. NPC: Scout Annora Oathkeeper
  3. Mournful waypoint (NPC: Explorer Jessi is also correct)
  4. NPC: Scout Dian Horrigan
  5. Brackwater waypoint
  6. Vista near Caer Shadowfain waypoint

Phase 3 - Hard mode

Hard 1 Hard 2 Hard 3 Hard 4 Hard 5 Hard 6


  1. NPC: Monument guard
  2. Vista near Caledon waypoint
  3. Vista near Tuyere Command Post waypoint
  4. NPC: Scout Zeetoktin
  5. Vista near Union waypoint
  6. NPC: Scout Valiant Otus

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