Ascension Trials III: Dunes of Despair

Chaos Run — — [Central Hollow Waypoint] in Guild Hall

Join us for part III of this Guild Event in which we re-enact the three old missions from Guild Wars, which led a hero to Ascension. Since that was then and this is now, these missions will differ a bit from the ones in the past.

Ascension Trials III: Dunes of Despair

"Once my people came to the desert and built a great temple. But while we labored, we were set upon by the stewards of the desert, the Forgotten." Ghostly Hero.


Mission Objective: You meet the Ghostly Hero who asks you to help him reclaim his throne. Escort him to the throne and safely return him to his last resting place.

Bonus: Gain more glory by defeating 3 champions. Your group has to split up, one group will escort the Ghostly Hero, the rest will kill the champions before the Ghostly Hero reaches his last resting place.

No mounts are allowed.


If you succesfully complete the mission, each of you will receive 2 gold. Completing the bonus event awards an extra 1 gold.


Signups for this event are not necessary.
The chaos run starts at 20:30 (CEST), so be on time. If you are late, you will not be able to participate.

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