Not so meta

Chaos Run — — [Central Plaza] in Divinity's Reach

This chaos run event is literally what it says... Chaos in a run which will be an event! At Crucible of Eternity you will try to complete path 1 as fast as you can. Crucible is the keyword of your build, cause it will be... not so meta. You have to finish this event with a build and weapon we will give you (profession is free of choice). Think you can do that? Take on the challenge and signup! And remember... adapt or die!

Not so meta


You and your party will have to complete Crucible of Eternity path 1 using profession-specific builds that we specify. Additionally, you are required to wield green "Masterwork" weapons with berserker stats, which will be provided to you before the start of the run. You are not allowed to apply any sigils, crests or other upgrades to this weapon.


Five gold and one item of choice from the guild stash, to each member of the first party that successfully completes this chaos run.
Two gold to each member of every other party that successfully completes this chaos run.


Signups for this event have closed.

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