Blast from the Past

Chaos Run — — Fractal Gate at [Vigil Keep Waypoint]

The year is 1070 AE. You are approaching the burning city of Ascalon. As the blistering hot sun pierces your fur, you reminisce about the days you spent training with your warband. The basic tactical elements you were taught are heal, tank and damage. And today, it is time to put your warband to the test! There is no turning back now...

Blast from the Past


In the spirit of Guild Wars 1 and the Holy Trinity, you and your party need to defeat the Ascalon Fractal (level 9) with a specialized team of 3 players.

  • One healer: Heals the party members
  • One tank: Maintains aggro of foes
  • One damage dealer: Puts out the highest damage possible.

Both the tank and the damage dealer are NOT allowed to use their healing skill. They rely on the healer for all their healing.


5 gold and 1 item of choice from the guild stash, to each member of the first party that successfully completes this chaos run.


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