Chaos Run — — [Central Plaza] in Divinity's Reach

Pugs or pick-up groups... everybody knows them or has been in one. It's not the same as playing with friends. In the spirit of pugs we offer you our newest chaos run: The Pug Run! The group you will go with: guildies with random professions. Try to finish the Honor of the Waves dungeon with your pug as fast as you can! And be wary of the surprises that await...



You will have to complete an Honor of the Waves dungeon path with your party. Which path will be announced at the start of the chaos run.  Parties are made on a first come, first serve basis. You will have to play with a profession that we randomly pick for you. Please enter all your available level 80 professions in the signup form below. You will be ineligible for rewards if you do not list all your available level 80 professions.


Five gold, twelve ectos and one item of choice from the guild stash, to each member of the first party that successfully completes this chaos run.
Two gold and six ectos to each member of every other party that successfully completes this chaos run.


Signups for this event have closed.

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