Lost and Found

Chaos Run — — [Central Hollow Waypoint] in Guild Hall

You're not lost… your team is! Foo, don't feel blue! Quaggans of the right colors unite! Find your quaggan team members as fast as you can. Coo! Fins out! Tails straight! Quaggans go!


Before you start, lay off all your armor, weapons and trinkets (quaggan don't carry it either).

You will be send quaggan tonics in a certain color and given a waypoint. After a countdown find your team members (who have the same color) in that map as fast as you can.

You are not allowed to:

  • Communicate your own or other people's color
  • Use waypoints
  • Give directions
  • Join parties/squads, send party/squad invites, etc.
  • Attempt to figure out someone's color in any way other than visually seeing that person ingame

Once your team is complete, you will go to the waypoint your teamcaptain gives you. Enter Sorrow's Embrace and earn weapons and/or armor by fighting through the story. You are allowed to use utility skills.


Three gold and one item of choice from the guild stash, to each member of the winning team.
One gold to everyone else who participates in the chaos run.


Use the form below to sign up. The deadline for signing up is 01-07-2017.
The chaos run starts at 20:30 (CEST), so be on time. If you are late, you will forfeit your place.

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