Guild Hall

Celebration — — [Central Plaza] in Divinity's Reach

Notice: We may not be able to unlock the guild hall on Saturday the 24th of October. If so, we will do Guild Missions instead and start building up the resources necessary to unlock the guild hall!

The time has come for our guild to claim its place in Tyria. We want you to help us claim our guild hall and purge the Mordrem corruption from the land!

Guild Hall

Join us on the 24th of October as we celebrate the release of Heart of Thorns. We will unlock one of the two available guild halls and you get to decide which one by voting.

Lost Precipice

A hidden canyon refuge on the border between the Maguuma Jungle and the wastelands to the north.


Gilded Hollow

A monolithic cavern containing the remnants of an outpost of a lost golden city in the heart of the jungle.


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