Friend or Foe?

Chaos Run — — [Central Plaza] in Divinity's Reach

Mordremoth has awakened and sylvari are involved in that event big time! Can they still be trusted? Or not? Our guild has a few questionable sylvari members. Since you can't trust them, they will be stripped of their armor (weapon is allowed) to make sure they won't run off to escape their judgement. Keep them alive at all costs! Tread careful and escort your sylvari guildy to find out the truth... Is she friend or...

Friend or Foe


Your mission: you and your team (leaders choice) will bring a sylvari guildy into Twilight Arbor, following the Aetherpath.
Objective: take the sylvari guildy to Scarlet's secret room to be tested if she is corrupted.

  • When the sylvari dies you get 1 penalty point.
  • When the entire group wipes (excluding the sylvari) you get 1 penalty point.

The group who completes the entire run with the least amount of penalty points wins.

If you wish to join this chaos run you need a level 80 character. It is highly recommended that you join a practice run (normal Aetherpath) so you are familiar with the dungeon mechanics. This will be hosted on the 21st of February at 20:30 (CET).


Five gold, twelve ectos and one item of choice from the guild stash, to each member of the winning party.
Two gold and six ectos to each member of every other party that successfully completes this chaos run.


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