Jubilee of the Six

Anniversary Celebration — — [Central Plaza] in Divinity's Reach

LotS celebrates its jubilee: one year of existence in Guild Wars!
You are cordially invited to celebrate with us!
In the spirit of our jubilee, we dare you to take up our six quests...

Jubilee of the Six

The Six Quests

You will have five days to find all the answers, starting August 20th. On the sixth day (August 25th, our 1 year jubilee) we will serve up a nice dinner and announce the winner (20:00 at [Central Plaza] in Divinity's Reach). There’s an applicable gift to all who have found the answers at the six encrypted locations but only one will receive our “Phoenix Reborn”: the one who, beside all the right answers, added the catchiest/funniest/most awesome guild recruitment message. 

The winners’ phrase will be used to attract others to join our fine guild! Your phrase might just become our calling card!

If you think you have the right answers, send them (and perhaps a creative guild recruitment message) by ingame mail to Betonboor. The deadline is August 24th at 23:59 (CEST). Please keep the answers to yourself. Spoiling them for others in guild chat is not allowed!

Divinity's Reach Divinity's Reach
Not the wicked witch of the west, but walking amongst commoners. Caged animals are the NPC's companions.
1. Name the point of interest near her.

Lion's Arch Lion's Arch
I am directly over the Ruins of Lion's Arch keep. "Overseeing all, just diggit!"
2. Name the NPC.

Hoelbrak Hoelbrak
Loads of barrels, drinks all around. I don't want another bowl of Meaty Wurm Surprise! Speak to the one who does not know what to make for a family dinner
3. Name the NPC. (do not use a character who has joined the Durmand Priory)

Black Citadel Black Citadel
In a small territorial district, named after charr who have lost their warband, there is a NPC who does not need glasses, a deluded talker.
4. What do you show the mad guy, if you do not want to proceed?

The Grove The Grove
From sunset to sundown, it's all around. Caithe is home alone.
5. What is on the piece of paper?

Rata Sum Rata Sum
A ferocious bear is drunk. He is mad, pleads for freedom but stays in his bunk. Go up, up and down. Find the Corr.
6. What is his 3rd sentence?

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