HorrOrr Race

Chaos Run — — [Central Hollow Waypoint] in Guild Hall

Our guild is built on trust and friendship. Do you trust your guildies enough to take on this Chaos Run? We dare you to race through Orr! Rely on your companion guildy to get you through as fast as you can, while one of you is blind!

HorrOrr Race


  • You run in duo's. One of you is "blind" and has to rely on the other to guide him/her through three maps in Orr. Being "blind" means: that guildy has his/her screen switched off. You communicate solely via teamspeak.
  • You are allowed to use speedbuffs, swim and glide.
  • If one of you dies, the other guildy has to resurrect you. Do not use waypoints. If both of you die, the guildy who can see is allowed to waypoint and has to run back to resurrect the other.

The first three duo's to get through the given portal at the end of that map win.


Per map: first duo gets 3 gold each, second duo 2 gold each, third duo 1 gold. In case of a tie, rewards will be split equally.


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