Guild Bank

The guild bank is a place for members to exchange items. It consists of two separate parts, the guild stash and the treasure trove.

Guild Stash

The guild stash, which is the upper part of the guild bank, offers various skins, weapons, armor and other nice loot. If you are interested in these items, contact one of the following captains using ingame mail or /whisp:


These items are meant for your personal use, and you can get them either at half the trading post price in gold, or traded for a somewhat similar item. All gold that the guild earns in this way will be used for future guild events.

Treasure Trove

The treasure trove and deep cave, which are the lower parts of the guild bank, offer consumables and various useful items. You are allowed to take out 5 items per day, but please try to add new items back in whenever you can. Placing a new item in means you can take one additional item out that day.

Guild Bank